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How to Pick the Perfect Mattress

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How to Pick the Perfect Mattress

You’ve moved into your New York City apartment and decided it’s time for new furniture if you didn’t hire furniture movers NYC. One item to get rid of is your old and saggy mattress and opt for a new one. But how to choose? Mattresses come in a dizzying variety. Once you enter the mattress section of a store, confusion quickly sets in, leaving you wondering how you’ll ever be able to choose. Luckily, with a bit of guidance and planning the process of finding the right mattress can be a little easier and less puzzling. Here are some tips:

The Right Support

We all have our preferences when it comes to the kind of support that makes us comfortable while sleeping. Some like the bouncy feeling of a soft mattress, while others prefer firmer mattresses. Then there are those who want the base of the mattress to be firm but the top to be soft. Luckily, there are options for everyone and you can try different varieties to see which you prefer. Of course, a couple of minutes on a mattress isn’t typically enough to indicate if you’ll get a good night’s sleep on it. So take note of the kind of mattress you’ve found comfort in the past and any physical conditions, such as chronic back problems, you might have.  Generally speaking a mattress that holds your body in natural alignment is the one that’s likely the most comfortable.

Price Range

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Like everything else, when buying new furniture, mattresses come in different price ranges. How much you should spend depends on your budget and what you find within that range. You may find after a few trips to the store for something comfortable and longer lasting, you’d rather spend more on the mattress. Or you may find that as you increase your budget, at some point you can no longer tell the difference in comfort. Typically, you can find a decent mattress in the $600 to $1,000 range in the New York area you will be happy with.  Anything more than that puts you in the market for a luxury mattress—which means specialty foams and more advanced coil systems.

Medical Conditions

Consider any medical conditions when purchasing a mattress. This could mean anything from back problems to allergies. For example, if you’re allergic to dust mites, you may opt for latex or foam mattresses. Always check with your physician to see what they recommend for your specific concerns.

Partner’s Preferences

If you share your bed with someone else you’ll need to consider his or her preferences, tool. Hopefully, you both share the idea of what constitutes a good night’s rest. But sometimes, your partner may prefer a hard mattress while you’d rather sleep on one providing medium support. In those cases you might opt for dual chamber mattresses where you can adjust each side to your preference.

Negotiating the Price

Much like buying a car, buying new furniture including a mattress is negotiable—which can either be a frustrating or a fun experience (depending on your bargaining skills). After you choose the mattress you want, you can price it out at several stores—taking into account coupons and credit card discounts—then play the retailers against each other. You’d be surprised at how often one retailer will try to beat out the other!

Return Policy and Warranties

When purchasing a mattress check to see what the store’s return policy is. This is especially important because of the off-chance you take the mattress home, use it for a while, and decide it’s not comfortable. Perhaps you can get some of your money back depending on the store policy.

As far as warranties go, they tend to come with some fine print, which you should read. Just know that a longer warranty doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. Experts say, warranties are often just a matter of marketing.

Don’t Forget Online Options

Over the past several years, there’s been a direct manufacturer to customer mattress movement. What this means is that by cutting the middleman (retailers in this case) you can purchase your mattress directly from the maker, online. And while it can seem scary to purchase a mattress you’ve never seen or tried, you get a free trial period to try the mattresses at home.  Casper and Leesa are two of several such mattress startups.

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