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Five Things You Should Have in a Grownup Apartment

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Five Things You Should Have in a Grownup Apartment

You’ve landed your first real job and signed the lease for your New York City apartment. You, my friend, are a real grownup now! After you move into your new home, settle down, and receive a few paychecks, you might want to think about getting yourself some quality items. Here are some tips for living in NYC:

A Real Bed

real bed in new home

You might think sleeping on a futon, or on a mattress on the floor, is perfectly okay. It very well could be. In your new home, you’ll find a real bed will offer you a better night’s rest and signals that you are no longer in college. You don’t have to spend much on a bed.  You can snag one on Craigslist or a local bedding outlet, but no matter how you achieve it, we highly recommended upgrading to a grownup sleeping situation.

Window Dressings

Even if you live on the 40th floor and there’s no one that can look inside your apartment, window dressings like curtains or blinds will give your new home warmth and a finished look. You can get these at your local department store or try Ikea or Target for a reasonable curtain option.

window dressing for new home

A Good Kitchen Knife or Set

kitchen knife for new home

It’s an investment, we know, but one that will pay for itself over years of chopping and cutting. Look around and try different knives—chef’s knife, Santoku, etc.-wait for a good sale, then pick up this necessary cooking arsenal. Watch Macy’s sales! They carry all brands of great knives and kitchen knife collections including Henckels and Wusthof. You won’t be sorry and they will last for years.

Real Art

The time for hanging up posters is over. Tips for living in NYC includes get yourself some real art. This doesn’t mean you have to spend much. Try second-hand stores, art fairs, or even make some yourself but work toward having at least one piece of art in your home.

art for new homecoffee table in new home

A Coffee/Cocktail Table

Cocktail or coffee tables give living rooms a finished look. They also provide a place for drinks, remotes, books and lots of other things. Some even have storage inside; these are great for books, to hide your remotes, leaving room for an actual cup of coffee. A good coffee table will make life in the living room easier and more attractive. It also adds the personal touch to your new home. Make sure to get one that fits your personality!

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