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Low Maintenance Plants for Your New Home

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Low Maintenance Plants for Your New Home

Need Moving in NYC tips to help your new home. We recommend plants for that certain elequence. No green thumb? No problem. Not being a natural with plants doesn’t mean your newly moved into home doesn’t deserve to have some greenery in it. One of our moving in NYC tips is that there are plenty of houseplants that are easy to care for. Not only will they help clean the air in your apartment or home, they also work as a decorating item. Here are six plants that can tolerate less than optimal conditions:

Spider Plants

spider plants

                          Spider Plant

These visually interesting and easy to care for plants have been popular in homes for many years. The spider plant is extremely adaptable in a wide range of environments and conditions. It is also very easy to grow, whether in a pot, the ground, or in a hanging basket. They sprout “pups” which is another reason for the name. Give them moist soil and a little bit of light and you won’t need to do much else to enjoy the yellow green leaves of these houseplants.



One of the easiest to care for, the Pothos doesn’t need much light making it an ideal plant for space without windows, such as bathrooms.  But the plant does just as well in medium to bright light. They tolerate both nutrient rich and nutrient poor soil and can even be cut and grown in water.


aloe plants

                          Aloe Plants

This succulent is happy in dry soil with indirect sunlight and does well as a décor item with its structural shape. Bonus, the juice on the inside of the leaf is very medicinal. It’s used to make aloe gel, sold in stores of all kinds.  if you get sunburned, cut, or burn yourself you can cut a leaf of this plant and apply some of the stored liquid directly on the affected area.


This succulent doesn’t ask for much except a watering when the soil feels dry. Don’t overwater and you can be sure to enjoy this handsome plant.

Jade plants are very easy to care for. Some people consider the jade plant to be a symbol of good luck.

Jade plants

                      Jade Plant


Snake Plant

Not only is this plant an air purifier but it’s also extremely tolerant. They do okay with lack of care for weeks, surviving both drought and little light.


With its large tropical looking leaves, this beauty not only will add some beauty to your home, but it’s also perfect for the inexperienced. Give these guys some indirect sunlight and water when the topsoil is dry and you’re good to go.

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