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Adding Character to a Box of An Apartment

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Adding Character to a Box of An Apartment

When it comes to New York studio apartments, some of us move into an old brownstone or apartment that has unique architecture and decorative details, while the rest of us end up in boxy, boring homes. Fear not, even in the drab world of the cookie cutter, there are ways to make a less than appealing apartment more interesting. Here are some ways you can add visual interest to your New York City home:

Change Cabinet and Drawer Pulls

It’s easy to switch out boring standard pulls with something more curious. Try vintage hardware to give the place an older feel. If you’re ambitious, change your hinges or add decorative ones.


It’s the easiest thing you can do to go from drab to well you know how this goes (fab). Paint is relatively inexpensive and an easy solution to make a room stand out.

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Similar to paint, wallpaper is another easy solution to give a place some character. And remember what’s out there nowadays is not your grandmother’s wallpaper—there are so many unique patterns and choices that your opinion of wall covering is sure to change.

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Add Molding

Take a trip to a home improvement store and peruse their moldings. Once you find something you like that suits the home, install and paint the pieces. Adding molding is a sure way to give a place that European or pre-war look.

Get a Mantel

If your current fireplace has a boring mantel or doesn’t have one, find something cool to install. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can still get a mantel and place against a wall to give your place a cozy feel. Try vintage shops to find an old piece or shop around if you’re opting for something more contemporary.

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