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Six Ways to Treat Yourself After a Move

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Six Ways to Treat Yourself After a Move

Wouldn’t it be great to have stress free moving? Let’s admit it. Relocating is hard work.  It begins weeks, even months before the actual move day. From finding a new place to arranging the move, packing, unpacking and doing the necessary relocation paperwork, it’s an energy-draining task. Once you arrive at your new place, and put everything in its place though, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You can also help yourself recover a little by treating yourself. Here are six ways you can reward yourself post-move:

Take a Spa Day

New York City has no shortage of spas. From simple, no nonsense, spas where you can get a quick massage on the cheap to fancier ones where you can spend a day soaking your tired body and drinking juices to replenish, you can find something that will suit your budget and taste. Either way, you deserve a little pampering.

Get a New Do

A new home, a new do! That’s right, go for a whole new look to match your new apartment. Get a cut, or a blow out and enjoy that fabulous “I’m looking good” feeling.

Take a Break from Kitchen Duty

Don’t bother with cooking or cleaning, go somewhere nice and enjoy a night of being wined and dined. If you’re by yourself, this is a good time to reboot your head, if you have a partner or roommate you can use this opportunity to reconnect without the responsibilities of everyday life getting in the way.

make stress free moving possible with a fine meal

Get out of Town

You might think the last thing you’ll enjoy is being on the move, but a day or weekend out of the city where you can enjoy a serene landscape—be it the ocean or the mountains—can do wonders for a tired mind and body. Consider the Long Island coast or the Catskills for a quick getaway.

classic car after some stress free moving

See a Show

You’ve been pining to see Hamilton, or The Book of Mormon but like most of us you don’t want to shell out a few hundred bucks. If you have the cash handy, this might be a good excuse to go see the shows without feeling guilty. You deserve it after all the work you’ve put into the move.

Buy Yourself Something Nice

Maybe it’s a dress, a set of nice Egyptian cotton sheets or a new vase for your place, no matter; this is a good time to purchase that item you’ve had on your wish list. If it’ll bring you joy, it’ll be a good reward!

hot coffee before some stress free moving

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