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Staging a Home to Sell

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Staging a Home to Sell

Whether you’re moving from NY to NJ or NJ to NY, you may be looking to sell your home and move on. If that’s the case, staging is one of the best things you can do to make the place look appealing to the buyer. You want to exude the feeling of warmth and have potential buyers imagine themselves living in the space. Some sellers use professionals who will come in, and for a fee, will do the work for you, providing the furniture and décor, while others will do their own staging. If you plan to stage your own place, here are some tips that could help:

Up the Curb Appeal

Make sure your home looks inviting and welcoming from the outside. Have the walkway and driveway power washed, consider planting some flowering plants or fresh greenery, wash windows as needed and if you can afford to —paint or refinish the front porch. Add some pretty porch furniture and decorative touches. Some clients will do a drive by and could get turned off enough just by the outside that they may not even bother to make an appointment to see the inside. They will feel better knowing the previous owners cared enough about all the details of their home when they see a well maintained exterior.

Clear the Clutter

Too much furniture, knickknacks and other items will make your place appear smaller and uninviting. Minimize what you have around the house and tidy up whatever’s left. If need be, rent a temporary storage unit to put away some of the extras that you want to leave out while showing the home. Professional home stagers will often remove as much as half the furniture. You want to strike a balance between lived in and clean.

Repurpose Spaces

We all have spaces and rooms whose only function is to collect junk. Transform those spaces to serve a clear function. Make that bedroom corner a sitting area instead of a place for you to pile your clothes, or repurpose the extra bedroom you use for stacking delivery boxes into an office. HGTV Has some brilliant suggestions for repurposing rooms and staging them.

bright bedroom when moving from ny to nj

Light it Up

Lighting is very important in making a space warm and cozy. Make sure each room has three sources of lighting—overhead, accent and task lighting. Visit Salvage yards and antique shops to find some lovely light fixtures with character as opposed to the standard ubiquitous Home Depot versions. This will add charm to your home and is an earth-friendly alternative.

Stay Neutral

As much as you love that black chalkboard accent wall, the next buyer might not be into it and might not have the imagination or inclination to see it as something that could be changed. It’s always best to paint a home in a nice neutral color before it hits the market.

If you want a smaller room to appear larger, paint it the same color as an adjacent room, or even the same color as the drapes. Keep the master bedroom decor gender neutral. You want it to appeal to buyers who are male or female.

modern dining table when moving from ny to nj

Bring in Life

Flowers, plants and fruit can all make a place look alive and are attractive to boot. You don’t need to get fancy, a simple green plant or a bowl of lemons or green apples could do the trick. Pretty little pots in the kitchen with fresh herbs can add a fragrant and lovely touch. Bright accents with pops of color can add a lot to a room. Throw pillows, candles, window treatments and comforters with some color can transform an otherwise sterile looking room.

chair and piano to stage when moving from ny to nj

Upgrade with Eco-Friendly Materials

Buyers are willing to shell out big money for “green” homes. There are some budget friendly alternatives for upgrading like reclaimed wood, cork or bamboo floors and plaster for the walls. Look for the Energy Star logo on any new appliances you might buy and make sure to donate unwanted appliances. Use low VOC paints. Benjamin Moore has a great selection in all their original colors. Consider solar energy to heat or help heat your home and make sure your insulation is high quality.

Repair and Replace

Repair or replace simple things like broken toilet seats, faucets, wood flooring and door knobs. These simple things will give the place an overall appealing look and won’t cost too much time to money to achieve. Instead of buying new things, buy gently used or refurbish ones you already have with a coat of paint and a good scrubbing. Seeing how stainless steel appliances are big sellers, cover your old appliances with a stainless steel panel. Sand your old cabinets and stain them or paint them a glossy white. Switching out old hardware on kitchen cabinets for new chrome pulls can update it on the cheap instantly. Remove that tragic vanity from the 80’s in the guest bathroom and replace with a gorgeous pre-owned pedestal sink. This will enhance your bathroom’s square footage as well as update it.

Staging your home is the best way to sell a lifestyle to potential buyers. Everyone wants a clean, uncluttered home. Keep it simple, make it look fresh and warm and you’re sure to find a buyer sooner rather than later.

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