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Cozying up the Bedroom

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Cozying up the Bedroom

When we move into a new home, we often neglect the bedroom. While we’ll spend countless days decorating and styling the living quarters, our sleeping quarters stay stark and unadorned—sometimes for months and even years. But it’s so easy to make a bedroom cozy and here are some ways you can do so without investing much time or expense:


Window draping adds warmth both figuratively and literally. By adding fabric to a room you add texture, warmth and elegance. Curtains don’t have to break the bank either; you can opt for simple and inexpensive fabrics and be sure you’re giving the room a more finished look.   


Don’t just rely on overhead lighting. Use table lamps, floor lamps and sconces to provide different light sources at various heights and bring in some warmth into the room. Besides, when the lights aren’t on, the fixtures act as decorative objects that add personality to the room.


Don’t be afraid of paint. White is easy and non-committal but it’s also boring. Take a chance and paint a wall or the whole room—trust us, it’ll transform your bedroom to something definitely more interesting than white.


Toss a throw on your bed. It’s yet another way to add texture. Find one whose fabric is different than your bedding. For example, if your duvet cover is cotton, opt for a wool throw.


There’s nothing nicer than stepping on something soft and warm in the morning when you first get up. Get a rug or two to put next to the bed. It’ll not only look but will also feel cozy. Look who’s stretching their toes?

Decorative Pillows

Yes, they can be annoying, especially having too many of them. But one or two in different shapes and fabrics can push your room higher on the cozy scale.


Headboards add architectural detail to a bedroom. Opt for wood or fabric if you’re looking for a warmer feeling.

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