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Six Ways to Keep a Clean Kitchen

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Six Ways to Keep a Clean Kitchen

Kitchens are messy places. Not only do we constantly use these rooms but the substances we’re dealing with can easily cause a mess—think of the last time you baked a cake or made spaghetti sauce. But it’s not too hard to keep that kitchen looking clean and lucky for you we have some simple rules for you to follow:

Clean Up Prep Dishes

Always wash your cutting board, knife, prep bowls and spoons as you’re working or as soon as your food is on the stove and you have an extra few minutes. Not only will your kitchen look tidy when you’re ready to serve the food, but you’ll also thank yourself once it’s time for post-meal clean up.

Wipe Stove After Every Use

It’s easy to let the stove go until all the spills have caked on and are hard to remove. Save yourself the trouble and wipe it after each use with a damp sponge or paper towel. This will ensure your stove is always spick and span and that you never have to spend too much of your day when it’s time to do a thorough detailing.

Clean the Sink

Each night, when you’re done with the day’s cooking, do a little sink wash with some soap and water. If the sink has built up use a little baking soda. This will have you waking up to a fresh and clean sink in the morning.


Dry counters, sink, faucet and anything else that has water on it each time you use the kitchen. This will ensure that bacteria has less chance of finding a suitable home and prevent mold and believe it or not will make the kitchen look more tidy.

Put Dishes Away

Once your dishes, flatware and such are done drying on the dish rack, put them away immediately. You’ll have an empty dish rack next time you need to use it and your kitchen will look put together.

Wipe the Floor

Most of us New York City folks don’t have large kitchens, so this is an easy one. Take a damp paper towel and wipe the floor after you make a big meal or each night before you shut down the kitchen.

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