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Spring Gardening Calendar

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Spring Gardening Calendar

If you’re lucky enough to have a small balcony or outdoor space in New York, you’re probably planning to plant a few things this spring. But being that this is your first time with such a luxury or have previously not had the best luck, you’re slightly confused about how to approach this hobby. Here’s a calendar we’ve put together for four easy plants you can grow in pots in April and May and enjoy the rest of the warm season:



If you’re starting your herbs from seed, this is a good time to get your dill, oregano, thyme, sage and basil going in time for those wonderful summer dishes you’ll be concocting in the kitchen.



Summertime is tomato time—think salads, pastas, bruschetta, and Gazpacho.  To get ready for these lovely dishes, you should plan ahead and start your seedlings in April or May latest. Furthermore, these plants easy to grow in pots. Pick various varieties and enjoy the different tastes of this wonderful fruit (yes, it’s a fruit).



This is another easy to grow plant. This beloved fruit from the gourd family does well in pots and bears a lot of harvest. Start the seeds now in a couple of pots and we promise you won’t buy a single cucumber at the market all summer. Just watch out for the birds that love to get to them before you do.



One pot of peppers is enough for jars of hot sauce and all the Mexican dishes you’ve been dreaming of making. Plant jalapeños, chilies, sweet peppers and other varieties close to each other and get out and buy some mason jars to store your homemade sauces and salsas.


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