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Five Ways To Personalize A New Home

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Five Ways To Personalize A New Home

Making a new place feel like yours is a fun activity, albeit daunting at first. You move into a new apartment and don’t know where to start and fear that personalization means draining the bank account and wasting away multiple weekends.  But putting your stamp onto a new space doesn’t have to be an intimidating prospect and we’re here to show you five easy ways to do so. Have fun!


Having a dimmer is key to adjusting lighting and mood in a home. Installing them is also very easy. There are many online tutorials you can turn to including this one on how to put one in yourself. It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes and cost you more than $20 for a basic switch.


It used to be that wallpaper was the equivalent of the devil on your walls—due to its longevity and the difficulty in taking down. But things have changed, patterns have changed and basically these aren’t your grandmother’s wall coverings. There are many places to find wallpapers that suit a home and different tastes. Here’s Juja Papers whose aesthetics we like.

Window Treatments

It’s amazing what switching out those plastic or metal mini blinds with some curtains or updated shades that bring in some personality will do for the home. There’s no shortage of retailers where you can discover the treatment of your dreams—go as inexpensive as IKEA or if your budget allows opt for more specialty shops like Smith & Noble.


It’s as easy as 1, 2, well you get the picture. And if you’re not committed to painting an entire room or wall, go for the trims, a column, the doors or even the doorknobs. It’s amazing how a little color can help put one’s mark on a home.


Switch out that cookie cutter flush mount with a nice chandelier or pendent to give the home more personality. You can find lights at retailers and vintage shops or make your own or customize an existing one by changing its components and color.


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