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Five Shade-happy Houseplants

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Five Shade-happy Houseplants

You finally moved into an apartment you love. It’s close to the subway, a block from several eating establishments that you adore and boasts the kind of square footage that makes your friends envious. But (and there’s always a but) it doesn’t face south or west—meaning you don’t get a lot of direct sunlight and you’re worried you cannot grow anything in your new dwelling. But not all plants need a lot of sunlight. In fact, there are plenty of houseplants that do well in low light. Here are five that we like and are easily available in the New York area:


It can’t get any easier than the pothos. These guys can tolerate many different conditions, do well in low to moderate light, keep growing long and are easy to propagate. Just cut, place in water until you see roots and plant in a pot.  


Lucky Bamboo

It’s your lucky day! Head on over to a florist or Chinatown shop and grab a few sticks of lucky bamboo. They can survive in just water (just be sure to change the water periodically) or be kept in moist soil.


Snake Plant

If you’re one of those folks who swears you don’t have a green thumb, this hardy houseplant is for you. Put it in a corner, forget about it and watch it stay alive. It’s also great for areas where you don’t want to compromise horizontal space as most of the room this architectural plant takes is vertical.


Peace Lily

These natural air filters do very well in low light. Give them moist soil, watch them bloom white flowers several times per year and take deep breaths!


ZZ plant

If you travel often or are one of those people who forget to water your plants, the ZZ will do well under your (non) care. This waxy leafed hardy plant is used to neglect!


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