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Six Items to Have on Your Wedding Registry

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Six Items to Have on Your Wedding Registry

It sounds like the most wonderful activity — going into a home store with your love and taking a barcode gun and picking out items for your registry. And it could be. But coupled with the stress of work and all that needs to get done by the big day, this endeavor, depicted as a delightful one in many romantic comedies, can turn out to be a time sucking pain. Not to worry, soon to be newlyweds, we have six items that your New York apartment needs and that you should put on your registry—hey that’s six less things you have to pick out for your new life:



You don’t need to get fancy here. Just get rid of all the mismatched forks and knives that make it seem like you’re eating at a campsite and opt for a set of matching flatware for at least eight people.



A nice hamper, especially in the small confines of a New York home will make all the difference in terms of both keeping organized and decor. Opt for something structural that will act as a piece of furniture—think bamboo, metal or woven.



Get a his and hers suitcase that is lightweight and rolls easy. Don’t go for sets because you likely won’t use some of the pieces. Instead look for sizes you typically travel with and for the kind of quality you always wish you could buy but didn’t want to shell out the dough for.



Pick out one or two good quality knives for your kitchen activities. Look for all purpose ones such as a chefs or Santoku knife.


French Press

Now that you’re getting married, it’s time to start drinking your coffee at the house. No we’re not saying you can no longer go to the corner coffee shop, but there’s something sweet about those 10 minutes you get to spend with your love all groggy eyed asking how he or she slept the previous night and for that you need a good French Press.



There aren’t many things that personalize a home more than artwork.  Pick a piece of art to put on your registry and enjoy it for years to come each time to catch a glimpse of it on the wall.


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