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Six Investment Pieces for the Home

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Six Investment Pieces for the Home

Hooray! You finally have a grown up apartment and want to fill it with grown up things. Of course, you can’t shell out enough dough to get quality items in every corner of your place but here are six items we think are worth the investment, if possible, and will make life easier and more enjoyable:


Vacuum Cleaner

Spending $300 to $400 for a vacuum cleaner might sound insane but trust us, once you see how easy some of these babies roll and experience their amazing suction power (that will pick up a piece of dust from a foot away), you too will wonder what you’ve been doing with that clunky, heavy hand me down.



Instead of buying multiple average knives, use that money and buy one good chef’s or Santoku knife and a sharpener. Good knives hold an edge well and will make chopping and cutting an activity that you are likely to appreciate.



Saving up for a good sofa will not only give your now apartment a more higher end look but the furniture piece is also something you can use in your future home because quality is always in style. Stay with neutrals and the sofa will stay with you for a while.



If you were to buy only one item, a good mattress with proper support is probably the way to go. Good sleep leads to better health, mood and productivity.


Pots and Pans

You don’t need to invest in a set but buy one or two quality pots and pans to cook in. They will last you a while and food will surely cook better in them.


Hair Dryer

A good hairdryer can shorten the task of mindlessly waiting for your locks to dry. Try several at the store and ask your hair dresser for recommendations and you might be surprised that a good dryer not only will make things move faster but you hair is likely to look better too. 

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