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Post-holiday R&R

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Post-holiday R&R

The holidays have been wonderful. Many of us saw family, friends, partied and rushed around to fulfill many duties. It’s a satisfying time for many but it could also be tiring. So now that it’s the calm after the storm, it’s time to recoup and catch up on some rest, giving us the energy we need for a productive and healthy new year. Here are some ways we suggest getting some much needed post-holiday rest and relaxation:

Spend a Weekend at Home

Forget the outside hustle and bustle and give yourself a couple of days at home to read, cook, watch movies and nap. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, it’s an easy one to achieve.

Get a Massage

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a massage, facial or some other body treatment that strikes your fancy. There are lots of body work places dotted in every neighborhood of our great city. Use them and we guarantee you’ll feel better.

Take a Hike

Go for a hike outside the city—the LIRR and Metro North can take you to places with nature in about an hour—or stay close by and head to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, Central Park or the Cloisters up in the Bronx. Breathe that fresh air and watch your head clear of clutter.

Get Classy

Be it yoga, dance or some other exercise; treat yourself to a body movement class of your choice. Not only you’ll feel looser but you’re also guaranteed a better night’s sleep.

Meet a Friend

It’s been hard to get together with friends over the last couple of months, with all the work and holiday comings and goings. But now’s a time to catch up over a nice cup of tea or wine.

Take a Staycation

What better time to stay in a New York City hotel than when all the tourists are gone and all is quiet (for this city, anyway). Check out accommodation deals in a neighborhood you always wanted to explore and spend a couple of days playing visitor. It’s great fun and you’ll see everything with a fresh eye.

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