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Four Favorite Clothing Retailers that Sell Housewares

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Four Favorite Clothing Retailers that Sell Housewares

We all know the usual places to buy our housewares—from the large domestic merchandise retail stores to department stores to smaller kitchenware and home furnishing stores.  What many don’t know is some of your favorite trendy clothing stores also sell furniture and decorative and kitchen items. Not only are they as stylish as the clothes you buy from them but also they’re often affordable. Here are four sometimes-overlooked stores that could give your New York apartment a little bit of style:


H&M Home

From linens to serving wear to vases and pots, H&M Home has a large collection of decorative and functional items for your home at very reasonable prices. You can browse through the European brand’s website or visit one of their two stores in the area that carry home items.



Similar to the eclectic and often bohemian style that’s their clothing line, the house and home section of Anthropologie is laid back and unique. From tufted leather Chesterfield sofas to embroidered kitchen towels to lighting, this American retailer is sure have those conversation pieces you’ve been looking for.


Zara Home

Other than some occasional furniture, Zara Home does not carry much in terms of larger items. But the Spanish retailer sports linens, candles, towels and other accessories that look luxurious but are affordable. For now, they don’t have a brick and mortar shop here in New York, but you can browse and purchase on their website.


Urban Outfitters

The apartment section of Urban Outfitters is a great place to buy furniture, lighting, bedding and accessories. Decorators love the eclectic choices at this retailer and often mix the reasonably priced goods from here with more high end and expensive items from other brands.

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