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Electronic Disposal Guide

Maybe you just moved in and decided you no longer need three televisions for your one-bedroom apartment or you’re upgrading your sound system and need to get rid of your old one. Either way, disposing of electronic waste isn’t as easy as putting it on the curbside. In fact, items such as laptops, fax machines, VCRs (remember those?), and even keyboards and mouse are banned from disposal in New York City. Those disposing them on the curbside could be subjected to fines. But fear not, you can still get rid of those items. Here are some options:


You’d be surprised that there’s a market for older electronics. Some people will use them as they are, while others will use parts for building machines. And although you probably won’t get a whole lot of money, you can rest assured the item is not going to waste.


Certain locations of The Salvation Army and Goodwill will accept your electronics and make it available to those who can use them—call and check beforehand because each location could have specific size and item restrictions. You can also try New York Stuff Exchange to see where else you can donate or exchange your electronics.


Manufacturers are obligated to take back old electronics. Call the manufacturer of your gadget or appliance and see how you can get it to them. Many even provide a free mail back option.


If you’re buying a new electronic to replace another ask the retailer if they would take the old one. Chances are, they will.

Waste Drop Off

New York City Department of Sanitation has special waste drop off sites. Check their website for location and hours.


New York City’s free recycling program is a great way to ensure your items are responsibly recycled. Find out how to enroll here.


Send an email to friends and family asking if anyone needs any of the electronics you no longer need. You’d be surprised at how happily someone in your network might take and use something that you no longer need.

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