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Five Investment Pieces for your Home

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Five Investment Pieces for your Home

It seems as though we all constantly move, changing apartments every year or so, at least here in New York. For that reason, many of us never commit to owning quality furniture, always holding out for that time we will buy our forever home or move into a space large enough to hold all our dream pieces. Here’s the thing, we don’t have to wait to buy that loft or house in the country to enjoy our surroundings. If you invest in quality, you can enjoy it today and for many years. Here are five key pieces we think are good investment for your now and forever homes:

A quality and durable sofa can last you many years. Buy something you love and you will adore it as the centerpiece of your current living room and perhaps as a key piece in your future home. And if your taste changes in the future and you don’t want it in the living room anymore, it could go in the library–oh yes you will have a dedicated library. Isn’t dreaming nice?

Light fixtures and lamps are one of the most important decorating accessories. And remember how they say accessories make an outfit? Well, then invest in good ones and they will work with many outfits, we mean rooms.

It’s time to replace that flimsy 10-dollar mirror you bought at the discount store with something more substantial. Find a quality mirror that you love at an antique shop, a yard sale or a furniture store and it’ll be a piece you will cherish for years to come.


It’s a waste of space to have a flimsy television stand in your home. Upgrade to a high quality credenza that not only serves as a storage unit but also will also anchor your living room and elevate the look of the apartment. You’d be surprised at how much this piece could do for you.

Listen; unless you’re in college, you’re too old to be sleeping on a futon bed. It’s time to upgrade my dear. A good bed now is a good bed forever. Opt for sturdy, well-made beds that don’t go out of style. A good, classic, frame should last you a long time and if you decide that you really need a California king-sized bed in your future suburban McMansion, you can move this to one of your extra bedrooms. Your overnight guests will thank you. 

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