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Sleep Better: A guide

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Sleep Better: A guide

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy. Getting shuteye in a new home is even harder. Those first nights after moving in, we lie awake, often tired, in a new environment, counting sheep in hopes of getting transported to dreamland.  But we often stay aware and awake and end up feeling lousy once the sun comes up. Here are a few things you can do to help yourself get your Zzzzs—you know you’ll need it to unpack those boxes:



Turn off the lights, everywhere in the house, and pull the shades, curtains or whatever window covering you have to make your room as dark as possible. Light is a big sleep disruptor—it stimulates us to wake up—so keep the light out peoples.



Cooler temperatures signal our body to go to sleep mode, so lower the thermostat before you head to bed. It might feel cold at first, but once you’re curled up under the covers, it’ll feel cozy and wonderful. We’re yawning just thinking of it.



Everyone keeps saying it. You know why? Cause it’s true. Keep phones, tablets, television and all those pesky electronics out of the bedroom. Why you ask? Because they‘re all cognitive stimulants—fancy way of saying they wire up your brain. This is the opposite of what you want to happen at 10 p.m. or whenever you drag yourself to bed.



Our olfactory system has direct access to our noggin. You can use this access to your benefit, to calm your brain. For example, the scent of lavender quiets the brain and eases insomnia. So lighting a candle or spraying some of this lovely fragrance in the bedroom can help you go night night fast. Furthermore, sweet smells can help you have sweet dreams. In a small study, scientists found that when people smelled roses before bedtime, the sweet smell affected their emotions in the dreams.



Drink some tea, no not the caffeinated type. Try chamomile, lavender or valerian—of course, check with your physician to make sure all these things are okay for any specific condition you might have. These teas are calming and sleep inducing and should help that exhausted body of yours rest for a bit.

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