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Color and Mood: A Handy Guide

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Color and Mood: A Handy Guide

Color is one of the main tools of decorating.  We pick objects of different hues because of how they look in our home and also because of how they make us feel. But did you know that there’s science behind our emotional responses to color? That’s right, a lot of research has gone into how we respond to color and psychologists have found that certain colors could make us happier, more creative or more calm, than others. So before you head out and start buying rugs and pillows and cans of paint for your new apartment. Check out our handy psych guide to color:



This color, typically associated with attracting a mate, can do much more for your life: It’s a motivator! So maybe consider painting your home gym a shade of this rich hue to give you an extra boost of energy when you’re about to give up on that stationary bike!



Researchers now know that green is associated with creativity and innovation. So if you’re looking to paint that wall above your desk, this color is a great bet. It’s like taking a walk in the park, you know, without the effort.



The cool blues work well for bedrooms. Whether it’s your bedspreads or walls, looking at this color is said to lower blood pressure, provide serenity and help you get your Zzzs. Now, we all need that!



This color works well for cooler climates as it gives feelings of warmth. Furthermore, it evokes enthusiasm.  Maybe something to think about once the winter rolls around. Except, who wants to think about that now? Let’s just keep swimming in summer denial.



Have you ever seen a sunflower and not smiled, or at least felt somewhat uplifted? This lively color can spark joy and bring a burst of light into gloomy spaces. If you have a room that’s dark, this paint color might be your savior.  It’s like sunshine in a can.



Beige is well, beige. It’s not the most exciting hue on the charts but maybe that’s a good thing, as this color can feel calming and inviting. After a stressful day, come home to a beige pallet and feel all kinds of cozy.



The rich forms of this dramatic color scream sophistication when utilized properly. People often think luxury when they see it. So if you feel like indulging yourself, paint an accent wall a nice shade of eggplant, or if you can’t commit to covering a large area, purchase some violet accent pillows.

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