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After The Move Tips

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After The Move Tips

Making your move easy and stress-free is our specialty!  But once we’re gone and the boxes are unpacked, what should be next on your list?

Think about the following ideas as part of your “getting settled strategy!”

1. Let someone else do the cooking

If your computer and internet aren’t hooked up yet, and you may not have menus from local restaurants stacked up yet, just use your phone to locate online delivery menu. Treat yourself to a well-reviewed take-out dinner of your favorite cuisine. You deserve it – moving is a big deal, and that first Thai meal in your new home is going to taste extra delicious. Remember to ask them to provide plates and utensils! Who needs dishes on the first night?

2.  Locate the nearest cafe

Another thing you may not want to worry about in the morning is brewing your first cup of coffee. In fact, venturing out to the nearest cafe is a great way to get a sense of your new neighborhood and perhaps make a new friend. At the very least, your caffeine fix will be satisfied and perhaps you’ll learn where to go when you need a vegan muffin.

3. Meet the neighbors

No matter what kind of neighborhood you move to, house or apartment, condo or gated community, having a good rapport with your neighbors is pretty much essential to a more pleasurable quality of life. Unless you’re a serial killer, that is.  Seriously, good neighbors can help you in a bind, lend you a cup of flour, or sometimes become your best buddies for enjoying a barbeque or an evening watching award shows together! Make a great impression by smiling and bringing a bagel (pack a gluten-free one too, just in case!).

4. Find someone to clean the place

Either do your own search online or ask your new best-buddy neighbors who they recommend to come in and clean. You may even find a deal for a free or discounted first-time trial depending on the community. The point is that moving can leave lots of detritus strewn about – from excess tape and boxes to just left-behind residue of a previous tenant or homeowner. You want your place to be yours and scrubbed clean of any former inhabitants.  So forget the hippie smudge stick – get a deep cleaning and breathe a deep lungful of no one else’s germs but YOURS!

5.  That last IKEA and Bed, Bath & Beyond run

Those giant stores are never better than when you’re moving into a new home and discover that you’d really like to have all new towels, or a shelving unit, or even a new comforter. Before you kick back and start officially settling in, make a list of all those little items that are best purchased from our favorite “Big Box” stores.  There’s nothing like a new bathroom to remind you that you always wanted a world map shower curtain.  Take a moment to really inventory your surroundings and go early in the day to your store of choice. By lunch time you could be stacking your vinyl collection on your new shelves, ready to impress those new neighbors.

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