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Make Moving Easier: Organize Using Your Own Phone

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Make Moving Easier: Organize Using Your Own Phone

Maybe the last time you moved you recall making lists on paper and stressing over what you might have forgotten or what items were put. This time around, let your phone and an array of “moving apps” make your life and your transition easier. We’ve compiled some of the top apps that think of everything, so that you don’t have to.

Move Planner (iPhone, $2.99) This app has 100 pre-populated move tasks, such as:  “Make sure you have your children’s school records,” “Assure you have adequate insurance for goods in transit,” “Ask your bank to transfer your account information to the nearest branch location.” In addition, it allows you to add your own tasks. Essentially, “Move Planner” is a task checklist for the moving process.

MoveMatch (Android, Free) “MoveMatch” can help you determine the approximate weight of all your items, and it also creates a list that you can forward to Moishe’s movers to get an accurate estimate. We can determine what packing materials are needed and save you time and money.

Moving Planner (Android, $.99) This app comes with a list of over 210 household items that are most likely pack up so you don’t have to create a list from scratch, but gives you an option to create your own list. It is essentially a “checklist” for your move. Add box items as you pack them.

SortlyApp  – (iPhone, Free) “Sortly” keeps track of all your belonging and makes finding packed items a snap. No more searching through a sea of cartons just to find the corkscrew; “Sortly” helps you keep a visual record of your items with photos, locations, tags & notes.

Moving Day (iPhone, Free) “Moving Day” has built-in barcode scanning and label-making capabilities. Basically, you create the bar-codes on your iPhone, print them out, and then tape them to your boxes. When you’re unpacking, you should be able to “scan” your boxes and immediately see the contents without physically opening the box. If the scanner on your iPhone isn’t working, “Moving Day” will allow you to manually enter the barcode information.

Visit the app store on your Smartphone for more options. Utilizing an app for easy access and organization is just one of many ways to make the moving process, stay tuned for more Moishe’s helpful moving blogs.

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