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How to Throw a Kicking Housewarming Party

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How to Throw a Kicking Housewarming Party

You have moved in and your new apartment’s views of the Manhattan skyline are nothing short of incredible. Now, you want to share it with your friends and loved ones and show them that you finally have a grown-up apartment. What’s the best way to do that? Put together a housewarming party. As daunting as it might seem to throw a bash right after moving in, it really could be loads of fun. Here are some suggestions to make your shindig a success:

Make a List  

Decide who you want to attend your party by drawing up a list of names. Think about how many people comfortably fit in your place—if it’s a sit-down, will you have enough chairs? If it’s a stand around party, is there enough room so people aren’t crammed in?

Send Invites

Use email or popular online invite sites—like Evite or Paperless post—to let people know about the party. Ask for RSVPs so you have a head count well before the event.

Decide on Menu

Once you know how many folks are attending, put together a menu. For non-sit down parties, finger foods and appetizers work best. For sit down, you might opt for more complicated dishes. Also consider friends who have dietary restrictions when deciding on a menu.

Pick Drinks

Think of drinks that pair well with your food. But also, consider popular drinks that most people opt for like wine, beer, club soda, cola, juice, and the likes.

Make Music

Put together a playlist for the party—this could include a mix of new tunes and older music that many know. Music has a way to warm up a party, filling in gaps of silence so don’t take this for granted.

Décor it Up

Use candles, flowers, plants and such to make the home more welcoming and lived in.

Have Fun

A housewarming is an occasion to get together with family and friends and to make a wonderful new memory in your new home. Remember that and have fun.

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