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New Year’s Home Resolution

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New Year’s Home Resolution

With a new year comes fresh beginnings and a chance to redo it all over again.  Hopefully, we all have more insight, energy and excitement to make our apartments more comfortable, inviting and pretty. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at some of our home resolutions for 2016:

De clutter

De cluttering is always on our home to-do list. But this year we are really going to make that happen and are starting with one simple goal: No small objects on our floors—this means no books, toys or knick knacks at foot-level unless they are in a container.

Customize a closet

Each year, or two, we budget enough to customize one of our closets—which makes a huge difference in space for our small New York City apartment. Doing it this way helps our pockets and sanity. We wait till after the Christmas craze and get an Elfa system during their annual sale. There are many systems to suit different aesthetics and budgets so if you’re planning to do this, poke around the Internet.

Bring in flowers

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t find flowers pleasing in a home. This year, we hope to buy ourselves more flowers—be it one stem or a whole bouquet.

Paint a wall

We’ve been saying it for years but have been scared of the commitment. Then we go to a friend’s, see their orange accent wall and decide we need to do this, only to forget about it again. This year we’re going to paint a wall, because it’s fun and why not. Also, it’s just paint—just as easy to turn the wall back to its original color.


To stay organized, we are going to donate, throw out and store the bejesus out of 2016.

Buy less

Purchasing goods is not an activity, but a necessity. Sometimes we forget that and end up shopping for entertainment. We’re going to have more fun—by heading outdoors, spending more time with family and friends, reading and playing games—and buying less will help us achieve that and a more streamlined home.

What are some of your home resolutions?

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