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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner in an Apartment

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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner in an Apartment

Just because you moved to a small space in the city, doesn’t mean you can’t host Thanksgiving dinner at your place. If you’re staying around New York and want to have some people over in your new home fear not, we have some suggestions that should make your turkey holiday a special and a relatively stress-free one:


Shop Ahead

This should seem like a no brainer but you’d be surprised at how many people wait until the last minute to buy their ingredients. Be smart and buy the things that keep longer—like stuffing mix, cranberries, celery, onions and even the turkey, if frozen, wine and other goodies—a week or so ahead of the holiday.



If you’re not up for making some of the dishes, order ready to go meals ahead of time. This could include your turkey, pie, stuffing, side dishes and even a salad. Whole Foods and Fresh Direct are some of the options for ready to go Thanksgiving dinners.


Set The Table

After you figure out how many people are coming over, set your dinner table. Place on the table dishes, glassware, decorations and even empty platters on which the food will be served. Not only does this eliminate one more thing to do on the day of your dinner, it also helps you figure out if you need to purchase any server wear or dinner wear.


Ask for Help

Everyone knows that prepping Thanksgiving meals is a lot of work especially in a smaller home. Don’t be shy to ask everyone to bring a side dish or dessert. It’s a time to gather and enjoy one another’s company not a time to feel stressed so if you can eliminate extra work, do it. Everyone will be happy to help.



A side dish will get burned, wine might spill and an unexpected guest or two could arrive. In other words, it’s almost certain some things will go wrong and that’s okay. Do your best to enjoy the day because none of it really matters. The only thing that does matter is that you are with people you love and that you enjoy yourselves.

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