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Five ways to make your new home inviting

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Five ways to make your new home inviting

You just moved into your new apartment. The walls are bare and there are unpacked boxes, among other things, on the floor. Your new kitchen hasn’t been christened and appliances are still waiting to be installed. It’s a dismal dystopian post-move scenario that we’re all too familiar with but it’s easy to quickly turn things around and change your environs into a happy and homey one. Here are five simple suggestions on how to make your new home more inviting:


Hook up the Television

If you have a TV, hook it up because nothing makes us feel that continuity better than being able to watch the same things we did in our previous place. You might not typically think much of Alex Trebek’s voice but if you’ve spent your evenings watching Jeopardy for the last decade of your life, his sound will have a sort of grounding effect.


Bring in Flowers

Buy some flowers for your new place and for you—you deserve it after all the packing and heavy lifting and such. Flowers bring nature into a home and instantly make the place look happy and lived in.


Dress your Windows

Install curtains, shades or blinds as soon as time allows. Window dressings make a place feel warm and cozy. Without them a home will feel like it’s not lived in.


Use the Kitchen

Cooking, or better yet baking, raises that smell we all associate with home. The sooner you use that kitchen the sooner your olfactory system will signal your brain to recall that sweet memory of those fun family dinners.


Hang Art       

Even if it’s just one picture, hang something on the wall. It’ll bring some color and texture to an otherwise bare canvas. You won’t believe the effects.

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