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Six Steps to Welcome Cold Weather into Your Home

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Six Steps to Welcome Cold Weather into Your Home

Whether you just moved in or have been at your home for a while, it’s time to change things up a bit and make your home cozy and inviting for those days when it’s nippy outside. Here are six ways we like to cold-weatherize our home and make it extra warm and fuzzy for the drop in temperature:


Bed Linens

Put in storage those crisp sheets and bring home the fuzzy flannel and other soft cold-weather linens. And while you’re at it, switch the thin summer quilt for the down comforter cause baby it’s soon gonna be cold outside.



Get ready to start using the oven again. Whether it’s to use those lovely upstate apples and make pie out of them or start baking all kinds of squashes,  or just make a braise, it’s oven time.



It’s gourd, pumpkin and wreath season peoples but don’t limit yourself just to these decorations, get creative. Stop at the farmer’s market and pick up fall fruit and veggies and make a table arrangement or display pinecones and candles—you get the idea.



A nice fuzzy throw not only makes the home look more fall and winter ready but it’s also a practical and feel good way to warm up on the sofa or a chair.



If you have old windows and get that bitter breeze through the frames, get weather sealing, draft snakes or insulation film. Also, don’t forget that thicker curtains do wonders for keeping out drafts. Insulating your windows not only keeps you warm but also helps keep your energy bills lower and does wonders for your carbon footprint.



If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, it’s time to make sure it’s clean and ready to go. Remove all the dust and debris you can. And make sure to have your chimney sweeped periodically.

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