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Five Moving Pitfalls to Avoid

Each year, one in nine people move. If you’re among those relocating, you want to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible without too many glitches. Here are common pitfalls to avoid ensuring moving day is as stress-free and risk-free as possible:  Getting the Wrong Sized Truck Like most people, you want to [...]

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Four Apps that Make Moving Easier

We can all agree that moving is stressful—there are many steps that lead to the big day—and if you’re not organized, the tasks can eat up a lot of hours. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and work systematically. One way to achieve this is to use modern technology to your advantage. Moving apps [...]

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Six Things To Do Before Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting, albeit a little scary given the number of things you have to do get your new life in order. To help you, we have a list of some basic things you should do before moving and starting the journey to your new New York City apartment: Start Utility [...]

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Moving playlist

There’s something unique about how music affects mood—it can cause a listener to get nostalgic, feel loved or become motivated. As such, music is a great tool to alter temperament and help us focus on tasks, such as packing and moving. The key is building a strategic playlist that includes upbeat, motivational and even melancholic [...]

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Estimating Moving Costs

It’s not always easy, but it’s pertinent, to calculate how much a move will cost. Pricing out a relocation will allow you to begin financially planning and to ensure you’ll have the needed funds when moving time comes.  There are several factors that go into an estimate. Here’s a guide to help you understand them: [...]

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What to Expect When Renting in New York City

Moving to the Big Apple is exciting and filled with fresh prospects. Finding an apartment to rent, however, can be challenging and the process of it at times surprising for those who have previously rented in other locations. Not only are rents significantly higher but apartments are in short supply. New York City has a [...]

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Seven Reasons to Move to New York City

The Big Apple is often known as the greatest city in the world. And to us it is. It’s hard to quantify why this is unless one can experience it by living here. We’ve all seen it depicted in movies and television but there’s no Manhattan like the one you get once you put down [...]

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Tips for Moving with Pets

While we are mostly known as a moving company, we are not just a moving company. We care about how your move goes from start to finish and want to not only be professional, but ensure you have the best experience for you and the whole family, and that includes your pets. Moving is often [...]

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Five Ways to Beat the Heat While Moving

Mercury has indeed risen—and quickly.  Just a few days ago we were reaching temperatures close to 90, which as we all know, can make a move miserable.  Given that summer is around the corner, temperatures will only go up. But there are ways to beat New York’s warm spring and hot summers during a move. [...]

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Welcome Gift for New Neighbors

Good neighbors are sometimes better than friends—they’re close by when you need a helping hand and can offer a much-needed local community—and if you’re lucky, they’ll soon become your friends.  So when a new neighbor moves in, it’s nice to take the opportunity to welcome them into their new environs—especially in New York where everyone [...]

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