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Finding Friends After Moving

Once the hard task of moving to a new city alone ends, another difficult task begins: Finding new friends and settling in with the neighbors and the neighborhood. While we all seem to do this more naturally as kids, the idea of fitting in seems more trying as adults. But there are some surefire ways [...]

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Tips for Moving in the Winter

Baby it’s cold outside and moving in these temperatures can be a bit trying. But there’s a bit of good news for those moving in the winter on these dreary days: Relocation companies aren’t as busy as they are during the warmer seasons and you might be able to score better rates for movers and [...]

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What Licenses Should Your Movers Have?

When you’re deciding on Moving companies New York that will handle your belongings, you should always look for a company that is legally allowed to operate in the United States. Some relocation companies may claim to be insured and licensed, when in fact they are either not, or not licensed through a legitimate entity. So [...]

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Tips for Beating Moving Stress

Moving to NY takes a toll on your wallet, schedule and, most importantly, your sanity. With the many various tasks and chores you have to keep tabs on and perform, you’ll likely be stressed and tired pre, during, and post move. There’s no sure way to eliminate all the stress that comes with moving but [...]

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Seven Tips for Driving Long Distances

Moving from one corner of the nation to another can require lengthy drives for you as well as the long distance movers NYC. Some folks are experienced at covering a lot of ground on the road, while some are novices, nervous about all the lonely time, fatigue and boredom. Here are some tips for making [...]

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Tips for Moving a Garage

Though it might seem like it’s just like moving any other room in the house, moving a garage can pose special challenges that movers NY can help you with. From tools to lawnmowers to bicycles, a garage is full of items that don’t quite fit in a house and not often part of the main [...]

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Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving with children can be difficult on kids—they will be changing homes, potentially schools and even friends. All these changes, while exciting can also be scary to the little ones. So it’s important for adults to take extra care to ensure the children have a positive experience during relocation. Here are some tips on how [...]

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Six Places to Score Free Boxes for Moving

Moving boxes NYC is an essential item you should have for a move. Without them, your move will be lengthy and messy. You can purchase moving boxes NYC from the moving company who’ll be taking care of your relocation or from retailers. But if you prefer to cut some cost and not purchase boxes, you [...]

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Tips on Moving Valuable Artwork

Packing paintings for moving - whether they are investment pieces or just artwork that’s special, it’s possible you might have several valuable pieces.  Moving them can be stressful and you might wonder how to pack and transport the pieces to ensure they safely arrive in your new home.  You might opt to use ad-on services [...]

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Moving Out on Your Own, A Guide

It’s exciting and slightly nerve wracking to move out of your parents’ or guardian’s home for the first time. You’ll finally gain independence and can do things your way: You can decorate as you wish, eat what you want and basically live by your own rules. As exciting as it may be, being on your [...]

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