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Moving Boxes

Moving in the NYC area? Need a way to pack your things? Moishe’s Moving and storage has you covered. There are many ways to acquire boxes on the cheap or even free around the city. Yet, often these solutions are contingent upon whether other people are looking for boxes. If it’s moving season, then they [...]

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How much do you tip a mover?

Our clients often ask us whether it’s customary to tip their movers for their work. Many of us in New York City and the Tri-State Area are comfortable with tipping taxi drivers, restaurant servers, and hair stylists. People wonder if they should tip their movers in the same way. The short answer: yes, tipping is [...]

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How to Move with Your Dog

Plan Ahead Protect Your Dog Maintain Your Routine Get Extra Exercise Set Your Dog's Space Watch for Anxiety   You’ve picked the perfect new home. It boasts an open floor plan, spacious closets and a large fenced backyard for your dog. You have packed away most of your home and are beginning to store your [...]

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Moving A Car Overseas

Moving to another part of the world is exciting. New adventures await you and any others that you are relocating with when you are moving out of NYC. Chances are you are either headed for better opportunities or to be closer to loved ones. Now, you have to think about moving your belongings and any [...]

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Moving During the Holidays

The holidays are a jolly time of the year—one that we love to spend with family and friends and use to relax and reflect on the year. They are also a hectic time with all the shopping, cooking, coordinating, traveling, and what-not. And if you have to move, the added stress can wreak havoc on [...]

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Seven Positive Aspects of Moving

The idea of moving makes many people feel stressed. After all, it is a lot of work to relocate an entire household, adjust to a new place, and get oneself and the family settled in new environments. We often think about and try to address ways to overcome all the factors that will be stressful [...]

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Moving Tips for Single Parents

There are fewer joys in life than being a parent. However, the task of parenting, while enormously gratifying, is also a lot of work, especially for those moving to New York City alone. Add to that a relocation and things quickly become very trying.  But like all things in life, planning helps immensely. So, for [...]

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Checklist for Moving House

There are a lot of moving parts to relocating—from the planning stages to the actual move to post-move tasks. And often we get overwhelmed and miss important steps in the process, causing headaches and making more work for ourselves. One way to make sure we stay on schedule and on task, is to have a [...]

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Moving: DIY vs. Hiring Pros?

There are a lot of decisions that come with relocation. You need to find a suitable relator, a home that works for you and anyone else moving with you, choose a moving date, what to take to the new residence, and much more. Among these decisions is the one that relates to the actual move— [...]

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Overseas Moving: A Guide

As if moving New York itself isn’t stressful enough, some of us have to prepare for overseas moving. This means an additional layer of stress and anxiety added on to an already hectic time. But relocating to a new country can also be very exciting! With a little planning, the move can go smoothly and [...]

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