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Make Moving Easier: Organize Using Your Own Phone

Maybe the last time you moved you recall making lists on paper and stressing over what you might have forgotten or what items were put. This time around, let your phone and an array of “moving apps” make your life and your transition easier. We’ve compiled some of the top apps that think of everything, [...]

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Adding Curb Appeal: Increasing Your Home’s Value

Whether you have a front yard, a stoop, a window box or a fire escape, adding curb appeal can enhance the look of your home with flowers and foliage. Curb appeal is especially important if your home is on the market. As summer fades into fall, don't settle for the muted browns of dying greenery. [...]

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7 Kitchen cleaning tips for moving home

Unfortunately the home you move into isn’t always in the same state as the one you just left. In other words, here at Moishes Moving and Storage we’ve seen examples of folks we’ve just moved having to go in and give a good and thorough clean to their new place. And the room which tends [...]

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Dorm Decor 101

To the dismay of youth and the joy of parents everywhere, that autumnal chill in the air means it's time to go back to school. For college students moving into dorms, the new school year is an especially exciting and challenging time. Dorm living calls for making the most of a small space, and with [...]

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