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Five ways to make your new home inviting

You just moved into your new apartment. The walls are bare and there are unpacked boxes, among other things, on the floor. Your new kitchen hasn’t been christened and appliances are still waiting to be installed. It’s a dismal dystopian post-move scenario that we’re all too familiar with but it’s easy to quickly turn things [...]

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Six Steps to Welcome Cold Weather into Your Home

Whether you just moved in or have been at your home for a while, it’s time to change things up a bit and make your home cozy and inviting for those days when it’s nippy outside. Here are six ways we like to cold-weatherize our home and make it extra warm and fuzzy for the [...]

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Seven Household Uses for Baking Soda

Baking soda is not just the powder you use once in a while to bake something or the box that sits in the door of the fridge. It’s one of the most versatile, powerful and non-toxic items you can use to clean your house. Here are seven uses—though there are many more—for this magic powderhouse! [...]

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Five Investment Pieces for your Home

It seems as though we all constantly move, changing apartments every year or so, at least here in New York. For that reason, many of us never commit to owning quality furniture, always holding out for that time we will buy our forever home or move into a space large enough to hold all our [...]

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Sleep Better: A guide

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy. Getting shuteye in a new home is even harder. Those first nights after moving in, we lie awake, often tired, in a new environment, counting sheep in hopes of getting transported to dreamland.  But we often stay aware and awake and end up feeling lousy once the [...]

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Color and Mood: A Handy Guide

Color is one of the main tools of decorating.  We pick objects of different hues because of how they look in our home and also because of how they make us feel. But did you know that there’s science behind our emotional responses to color? That’s right, a lot of research has gone into how [...]

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Fifty Shades of Yay! Choosing Paint for your New Apartment

Moving into a new home is exciting. We get a chance to begin anew and even decorate all over again. For many of us, one of the first things on our list is to slap some color on those walls to transform the new place place from drab to fab. But before you grab that [...]

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Tips for a Flowering Balcony Garden in New York City

Moving to New York City doesn’t mean you need to give up gardening.  Balcony gardens are a fantastic way to get your green thumb fix and now that summer has unofficially started, it’s time to get going on creating an urban oasis. Here’s a game plan on how to put it together:   Understand Conditions [...]

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After The Move Tips

Making your move easy and stress-free is our specialty!  But once we’re gone and the boxes are unpacked, what should be next on your list? Think about the following ideas as part of your “getting settled strategy!” 1. Let someone else do the cooking If your computer and internet aren’t hooked up yet, and you [...]

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