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No More Boring Flatware

Gone are the times of boring flatware. Gold, black, enamel and other interesting combinations have hit the market and we’re not talking the old-fashioned kind. These unique forks and knives are contemporary and cool—the perfect style to adorn your New York City apartment and make your friends ooh and aah. Here are four we like [...]

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Six Ways to Keep a Clean Kitchen

Kitchens are messy places. Not only do we constantly use these rooms but the substances we’re dealing with can easily cause a mess—think of the last time you baked a cake or made spaghetti sauce. But it’s not too hard to keep that kitchen looking clean and lucky for you we have some simple rules [...]

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Cozying up the Bedroom

When we move into a new home, we often neglect the bedroom. While we’ll spend countless days decorating and styling the living quarters, our sleeping quarters stay stark and unadorned—sometimes for months and even years. But it’s so easy to make a bedroom cozy and here are some ways you can do so without investing [...]

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Spring Gardening Calendar

If you’re lucky enough to have a small balcony or outdoor space in New York, you’re probably planning to plant a few things this spring. But being that this is your first time with such a luxury or have previously not had the best luck, you’re slightly confused about how to approach this hobby. Here’s [...]

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Five Stylish Black and White Rugs

There’s something about black and white pattered rugs that’s classic and contemporary at the same time. You can use them with pretty much any style of furniture and color palette—they are the ultimate of versatility. There are so many choices and price points available that it’s dizzying. If you just moved into a new home [...]

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Five Shade-happy Houseplants

You finally moved into an apartment you love. It’s close to the subway, a block from several eating establishments that you adore and boasts the kind of square footage that makes your friends envious. But (and there’s always a but) it doesn’t face south or west—meaning you don’t get a lot of direct sunlight and [...]

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Six Decorating Rules

Decorating is one of the most exciting and fun parts of moving into a new home. It’s also daunting—there are so many choices of colors and objects that what initially feels like an easy task has us scratching our heads at the store. Some folks just seem to have a knack for it, that’s because [...]

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Five Ways To Personalize A New Home

Making a new place feel like yours is a fun activity, albeit daunting at first. You move into a new apartment and don’t know where to start and fear that personalization means draining the bank account and wasting away multiple weekends.  But putting your stamp onto a new space doesn’t have to be an intimidating [...]

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Six Items to Have on Your Wedding Registry

It sounds like the most wonderful activity — going into a home store with your love and taking a barcode gun and picking out items for your registry. And it could be. But coupled with the stress of work and all that needs to get done by the big day, this endeavor, depicted as a [...]

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Six Investment Pieces for the Home

Hooray! You finally have a grown up apartment and want to fill it with grown up things. Of course, you can’t shell out enough dough to get quality items in every corner of your place but here are six items we think are worth the investment, if possible, and will make life easier and more [...]

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