Moishes Wine Storage is an enterprise fully dedicated to the proper care and storage of fine wine. Our expert sommeliers understand that wine is a living, breathing element requiring precise conditions in order to reach its perfect maturity.

Whether your collection is an investment, for pleasure or a full stock for your restaurant, our wine storage division's 100,000 square foot facility, built to serve the Tri-State area, is perfectly suited to meet the needs of private wine collectors and businesses alike.

Moishe’s Wine Storage  has designed a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest technology, focusing on two elements to ensure the absolute best in care and preservation for your fine wine collection, while fostering its maturity.


Full cement and steel construction. Conformity to all current fire and building codes, monitored sprinkler and burglar alarm systems 24/7, security personnel on premises, authorized access only.

Environmental Control

Constant temperature of 55 degrees to avoid ‘cooking’ the wine, causing flat aromas and flavors. Constant humidity levels of 70% to stop evaporation and exposure to oxygen, which will spoil the wine. Fully monitored light levels ideal to the aging process. Vibration-free structure, ensuring your prized wine remains totally motionless.

Moishes Wine Storage

The main elements of self storage are security, size, accessibility, and affordability. Clients should be guaranteed that their items are always protected within a self storage facility. That requires state-of-the-art technology like CCTV and 24/7 security personnel monitoring the self storage facility. Every client requires a different type of storage and a self storage facility should be fully capable of accommodating those needs, from a wide variety of self storage unit sizes and customizable self storage units to climate and temperature controlled self storage units. Clients might require access to their own belongings at a moment's notice and every self storage facility should allow access around the clock. Lastly, self storage providers should work to provide every client with affordable self storage.