Moishe’s customers are, and always will be, our top priority. We are committed to serving each client to the best of our abilities and within a timely manner. Moishe's is dedicated to treating every customer with respect and professionalism. Listening to our customers and our employees so we can continue to provide the quality of service that our customers deserve is one of the most important philosophies of our company. As you read below, you will see that our customers feel the same way about Moishe's.

The staff has become like family to me. They are willing to accommodate their clientele to make sure they maintain a happy customer.

-Danielle Douglas, Pfizer


The service at the Long Island City facility at Moishe's storage over the past two years has been exceptional.

-Rockstar Games


I thank you for making my experience here at Moishe's Self Storage a positive one.

-Luftmensch Books


Thank you very much for giving us the chance to be valued customers of Moishe's Self Storage.

-Monika & Szabolcs Hosko