Art Storage

Moishe’s Self Storage is working to create a market for clients of every kind. We’ve worked to fill need for fine art storage by creating our sister company Mana Fine Arts. Mana is one of the predominant fine arts storage and handling companies in the United States. Our state-of-the-art technology combined with our highly qualified specialists has made us the fine arts storage facility of choice for museums, galleries, auction houses and private and commercial collectors across New York City. Mana Contemporary routinely handles professional art collections large and small across the New York Tri-State area.

Climate Controlled Facilities

From our transportation vehicles to our secure storage facilities in New Jersey, every aspect of our art storage process is kept 100% climate-controlled and pristinely clean. Every last piece of art entrusted in our care is constantly monitored to ensure proper temperature, humidity and light exchange.

Museum Quality Standard of Excellence

Mana Contemporary guarantees museum quality standards for our fine art storage. Our fully equipped facilities and our dedication to unsurpassed customer service ensures that each of our clients remain totally satisfied with our quality of work.

Inventory Management

We allow art storage clients to control their inventory collection from the comfort of their office or even home providing them with around the clock digital access to their pieces held in storage. We offer a variety of database and cataloguing services, including Description, Dimensions, Cubic Feet, Condition and a unique barcode number for tracking and inventory management. Once your collection’s art works have been categorized and stored, they can be accessed quickly and efficiently at all times.

Digital Photography of Inventoried Items

Our Art Storage division also incorporates digital imagining into our inventory management system. This process allows art storage clients to view photographs of each inventoried item to be viewed via our secure online system.

Moishe’s Fine Arts Storage

The main elements of self storage are security, size, accessibility, and affordability. Clients should be guaranteed that their items are always protected within a self storage facility. That requires state-of-the-art technology like CCTV and 24/7 security personnel monitoring the self storage facility. Every client requires a different type of storage and a self storage facility should be fully capable of accommodating those needs, from a wide variety of self storage unit sizes and customizable self storage units to climate and temperature controlled self storage units. Clients might require access to their own belongings at a moment's notice and every self storage facility should allow access around the clock. Lastly, self storage providers should work to provide every client with affordable self storage.