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Moishe's has helped customers from all over New York to move. From Buffalo to NYC, we're one of the top names in New York moving because we provide top-notch customer service and affordable prices from here to there and everywhere in-between.

We understand that making a New York move can be stressful. That's why offer detailed customer assistance for every step of the moving process. From your planning and packing to moving and un-loading, Moishe's is with you every step of the way.

Whether you're moving across the street or across the state - let Moishe's solve all your New York moving problems. We provide professional packing, dependable movers and unrivaled customer assistance. So next time you.re making a New York move don't break your back ... call Moishe's instead.

Moishe's New York Moving

The residents of New Jersey and New York, as well as the surrounding tri-state area, are in constant need of moving and storage services. From professional movers to self storage and mobile storage, Moishe's can provide the New Yorkers and New Jerseyites with exceptional moving services and professional movers, along with secure and accessible self storage year round. But more than that, Moishe's also offers specialized storage services. Document storage - a method for storing and protecting documents, digital data, records and information - is a necessity for every New York and New Jersey business. Restaurants and wine connoisseurs alike often require wine storage with temperature and humidity control as well as a high level of security to keep their valuable collections protected. Moishe's can even store priceless art, which requires a tremendous amount skill and expertise, for collectors, galleries and museums throughout New York, New Jersey and the tri-state area.

ON THE MOVE | Moving with kids and pets Now we do not want to put you off or make your believe this relocation to New York that you are about to embark on is going to be any more difficult than you already fear it will be. But we feel it is our duty to warn you that relocating with kids and pets is no picnic – especially if you are talking a day-long journey. But there are steps you can take to try and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. This is what we would advise here at Moishe's Moving and Storage:

Kids on the move Little ones get excited at the start of a journey in a new and strange van but after an hour or two boredom can easily set in and the newness of the van will have lost its sheen. Therefore you really need to prepare for a journey which, to them, is going to seem twice as long as it does for you. So think about bringing along the following:
Entertainment, Toiletries, Clean clothes.

Pets on the move We love them and they provide us with unstinting loyalty and affection (well, dogs do – cat's do their own thing but we love them anyway). However, when it comes to moving with them things can get pretty hairy. Cats for instance hate being in a moving vehicle | RSS