Moving fine artwork but you don’t know where to begin? Start with the best!

Do you have a lot of artwork to handle during your move? Whether you are a private art owner or a commercial collector, Mana Fine Arts our sister company offers a range of services tailored to your needs. Our trained consultants can guide you through your fine art relocation safely, swiftly and professionally.

Choose a fine art moving company you can trust

Many fine art pieces, such as statues and paintings, are highly sensitive to temperature, humidity, and "bumps" in the road. Mana Fine Arts is equipped to protect your shipment from all of these potential dangers.

No matter how you describe the precious items you transport, Mana Fine Arts understands your absolute necessity for care that is without question. Whether you are responsible for a multi-city tour or a one-time exhibition...an entire collection or a single masterpiece...count on Atlas to usher your shipment with unfailing attention to integrity, safety and security.

Using precision climate systems, we control temperature within specified tolerances for the optimal well-being of your sensitive items during transit. Super-insulated trailers combined with powerful climate-control units provide unfailing protection, even in extreme environments. Specific temperature and humidity levels can be set. Periodically throughout the trip, the on-board computer system measures and records these levels. When your shipment arrives, a record of these climate readings is available to you to verify that the proper environment has existed en route.

Your fine arts team consists of specifically-assigned drivers, so your shipment is always in safe hands. Our fine arts drivers are hand-picked from among the best performers in our organization. Rest assured your Mana Fine Arts drivers are of the highest professional rank.

Moving antiques

Antiques must be handled with skilled, special care. These items are padded with paper, wrapped in blankets and then shrink-wrapped. They are then placed in the van and strapped or protected to ensure they arrive just like we found them. Some pieces require crating or packaging also. Our specially trained personnel are experts at moving your antiques. 

Moving pianos

We move pianos for our customers all over the United States. Moving pianos requires a special skill. Baby grand pianos on up through concert grand pianos require piano boards and special packing for the hardware. Larger pianos require more men also. Moving a piano is a serious matter considering pianos weigh from five hundred to a thousand pounds. Moving it without injury to people, property, or the instrument itself is paramount. Hiring the right mover insures smooth trouble-free transfer.

If you want a piano moved up or down stairs, from one room to another, or to another town or state (even across country) "pianos" selects the right mover for your particular situation. Only proven piano movers get the job!
Moving a piano is hazardous when attempted by an inexperienced mover. It pays to do it the right way.

Moishe's Moving Fine Art Tips

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