What's an "air ride" truck?

Air ride is a type of suspension system that is added to a truck's rear axles to help protect the load as the truck moves down the road. The truck is equipped with cushioning bags to absorb shock and bumps. An air ride system on a truck is easily identifiable by its black mushroom-like cushions just behind and between the rear tires.

Is temperature control important?

Many items can suffer when exposed to extreme hot or cold. Wooden antiques react terribly to freezing temperatures as the joints can expand and crack, while some paintings do not fare well in extreme heat as the canvas behind the paint can settle improperly. While normal changes in the weather usually do not pose a risk, extremes can be harmful. In order to keep any of your valuables from warping, it is important that climate control is employed for your relocation.

How can I move my art or antiques internationally?

Mana Fine Arts offers both Ocean Freight and Air Freight.

Ocean Freight

When necessary, Mana Fine Arts offers ocean freight shipping through trusted third party ocean Freight companies who are famous for their total and customized customer services.

Air Freight

Mana Fine Arts also offers air freight forwarding and courier services to go along with it. When moving nationally or internationally, Mana never lets items out of site. We offer airport tarmac supervision, expert couriers, and the latest in tracking technology.

Can I ride with my precious cargo?

Mana Fine Arts offers a unique "Exclusive Use" service for clients who wish to exert complete control over the scheduling, routing, and shipping of their art move. Use one or more of Mana's specialty trucks with the option of a ride-along courier or a following security car.

How can I check up on everything?

You can control your art collection inventory from your desk with Mana Fine Arts 24/7 access to inventory and customized inventory activity reports. Our Database & Cataloging Service capabilities include Description, Dimensions, Cubic feet, Condition, and Mana's bar code number. Additionally, items can be cataloged by Departmentalized inventory, and there are additional database features that can be captured.

Also, Mana Fine Arts Inventory Management Digital Imaging allows photographs to be attached to any inventory item and to be viewed online, a service deal for when visual identification of products is necessary. Many fine arts, antiques, and production companies use Mana's Digital Imaging services and track their inventory through our secure internet connection or through printed reports.