Long Distance Moving Tips

We suggest the following tips to ensure a good interstate moving experience.

When getting an estimate, be sure that the estimator includes all the extra charges that will apply so you can compare estimates equally. When you get an estimate from Moishes, there will never be any hidden charges.

Small local movers generally base long-distance moving charges on the total cubic feet of the shipment. Its almost impossible to calculate the actual total cubic feet since the mover must use an average cubic feet for each item. Moishe's industry experience shows this method to be inaccurate, and in most cases, the customer pays for that inaccuracy.

Moishes Long Distance Moving Tips

Unlike a local move, long distance moves require extensive planning. Interstate and international moves require loads of paperwork, research and planning. You will want to start planning months in advance and choose a long distance moving company with resources all over the nation, such as Moishes Moving.



Long-Distance Moving Hints

We suggest the following tips to ensure a good long-distance moving experience.

  • Get reliable recommendations. Check out potential movers through objective sources like the Better Business Bureau, your state Department of Transportation or the AMSA. Moishes is listed with all three of these agencies.
  • Get at least three estimates. This will allow you to make a fair, objective comparison.
  • Compare apples to apples. Break down the elements of each movers estimate and make a detailed, realistic comparison of the parts, as well as the whole.
  • Expect estimates to fall within a reasonable range of each other. Moishes estimates are almost always within 10 percent of the actual final cost.
  • Ask friends and co-workers. At Moishes, we're proud to say that a very large percentage of our new customers come referred to us from satisfied past customers.

Moving long distance is NOT the same as moving locally. You have so many other decisions and arrangements to make. Don’t get bogged down in the details of your move when you should be focusing on the big picture and the excitement of your future.

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