New York Tri-State Area Local Moving FAQ

Got a question? Check out our FAQ’s, you’ll find the answers to many of your questions right here, as well as answers to some questions you haven’t yet considered. And of course, if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, you can always contact one of Moishe’s fully trained consultants for answers by calling 800.266.8387, or email us at info@moishes.com.

What are your rates?

It depends on when you are moving and the number of men that are needed for your move. Keep in mind, that there are cost factors beyond just the hourly rate. It is always best to get a complete estimate from your moving consultant.

Do you have any availability on…..?

With a fleet over 40 trucks and 150 experienced movers, Moishe’s can accommodate almost any move. However, it is recommended that if you are moving at the end of the month (the busiest time), you should try to arrange your move as early as possible.

Why do I need 4 (or 3 or whatever) guys?

Moishe’s always assigns the most efficient number of movers to each move. It is usually more expensive to under-staff a move. A smaller crew might charge a lower hourly rate, but they will take longer to complete the move. It has been well documented that when there aren’t enough movers on a job, crews are more likely to rush and to fatigue, resulting in an increase in damages.

Are you insured?

All movers must provide a minimum coverage, which is determined by state or federal law. This coverage is limited to either $.30 or $.60 (depending on your state of origin) per pound per article being shipped. Moishe’s is a preferred carrier with www.movinginsurance.com. It is also recommended that you discuss options with your insurance broker and with your Moishe’s Relocation Consultant.

Why are you so much more expensive than the other companies?

Industry surveys have proven that at the end of the day, when the move is complete, Moishe’s is extremely cost competitive. Many factors, other than hourly rates, can go into the cost of the move. For example, some companies might charge for tape used during the wrapping of your furniture (Moishe’s does not). Some companies might charge overtime charges if the move lasts beyond 5:00 pm or on weekends (again, Moishe’s does not). When all is said and done, you might pay a difference of a few dollars, but the nominal difference will have bought you peace of mind and the best trained and most experienced movers in the business.

Why do I have to pay travel time?

Costs of the move begin to incur the moment the truck leaves the garage. Moishe’s must pay the movers and for gas, etc. However, we have limited the charge to the customer to only 1/2 hour each direction within the metro area, regardless of traffic or actual distance.

How long have you been in business?

In 1983, Moishe’s started as a man with a van. We have since grown into the largest independent moving company in North America, with offices in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington DC and Miami.

Why do I need an outside estimate?

Moishe’s maintains an exceptionally low rate of damages by being properly prepared for each and every move. In order to be prepared, it is absolutely essential that a trained relocation consultant sees the specifics of the move. They can also guarantee the price that they give you.


Is this the maximum I will pay?

Your relocation consultant can give you a binding, or a not to exceed estimate.

Do you insure the boxes I pack?

You are covered up to the amount of your chosen valuation for damage that is obviously caused by the move. In other words, you are covered if there is visible damage to the box.

Why do you need to pack my mattresses?

Mattresses can be extremely expensive and they are extremely delicate. They can soil easily, and even if they are wrapped, they can snag and tear. Boxing your mattress assures that you will be sleeping on a clean surface.

Why do you need to pack my TV?

TV’s are very delicate pieces of electronics. They can easily break with even the slightest bump. Boxing helps ensure that your TV will arrive in the same condition as before it was packed.

Do the guys take a lunch hour?

Our movers will never take a lunch hour at the expense of the customer.

How much am I expected to tip?

You are never expected to tip, and our movers are specifically forbidden to ask, however, tips are always appreciated. A general rule of thumb for exceptional service might be $5.00 per mover per hour.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to move with a little company?

It sounds logical, but nearly all full service companies charge within 10% of each other. In fact, you can often save money with Moishe’s because we have the resources to perform your move in the most efficient manner. For example, if it is suddenly discovered that we need another truck or additional boxes to complete the move, we would be able to provide them in much shorter time than most small companies.

Wouldn’t it be better to move with a big company, like one of the van lines?

Van lines only perform interstate moves. Each van line has local agents or franchisees. When you are moving locally, the van line will not be involved. You will be dealing with a company that is often even smaller than Moishe’s.

Are you the person I will always be dealing with?

You are always welcome to call your relocation consultant, however Moishe’s has the added benefit of having staff specifically trained in each phase of the moving process. We have dispatchers who schedule the move and supervise the movers. We have a customer service department that is expert in taking care of customers after the move. While it might sound nice that one person will be in charge of all aspects of the move, you should remember that new business will always be their priority.

Why do you have to give a 2 hour window for my move?

We provide you with a 2 hour window of arrival if your move is scheduled in the afternoon. It might be the crew’s second move of that day, and we can’t be 100% certain of their arrival time until the first move is finished. However, we can try to minimize your inconvenience by calling you before the movers arrive.