Business & Commercial Relocation Moving Tips

When moving your business, hire the company known for reliability, quality and trust.

If your business is in the process of expanding or the economy has forced you to downsize, an office move presents its own unique set of challenges. Moishe’s Moving Systems has over two decades of office moving experience. Our dedicated commercial moving staff has the resources and depth of knowledge to move your company, whether it’s located within the Fortune 500 or at 500 Main Street.


Choose a moving company you can trust

There is a lot to consider when choosing a commercial mover. It’s important to ask yourself what the move entails:

  • Do you need to move at night or on a weekend to prevent down time or to accommodate your buildings’ elevator schedules?
  • Do you need to have cubicles and office furniture disassembled?
  • Do you need your computers packed?
  • Do you need your files packed?
  • Do you need your employees’ personal belongings packed?
  • When are your phones and internet connections scheduled to be transferred?
  • What do your buildings require of a mover?

Not all movers can accommodate the varied and sometimes complex requirements of a commercial move. You need a mover who is familiar with the literal ins and outs of office buildings. You need a mover who has the staff to complete the move within the designated period of time. You need a mover who is experienced at disassembling and reassembling furniture. You need a mover who knows how to pack an office and knows how to ensure that everything, including your valuable files, will stay in the proper order at your new office. Moishe’s is able to complete all aspects of your move. We realize that a disorganized move can mean costly downtime for an office. That’s why Moishe’s works with you from the planning stages, through the move and beyond.
When choosing a mover, don’t just turn to the yellow pages or online classifieds. Talk to other residents of your building. Who did they use? Talk to people who have offices of similar size in your various networking groups or trade associations. Talk to at least three companies and get at least three in-home estimates to be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Here are a few questions you should be asking your potential mover:

  •  How long has the company been in business?
  •  What type of protection does the company offer against loss or damages? In most cases they will either offer full replacement value or limited liability, which covers as little as 60 cents per pound per article. This means if your movers damage your 10-pound computer that cost you $1,000, you would only receive $6 in compensation.
  • How will pickup and delivery work?
  • Will the foreman do a walk-through, familiarizing himself with the move and the building, before the move date?
  • Go to the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There, you can look up the company's insurance status, licensing, and how many trucks it owns. You can also read about your rights and responsibilities.
  • Check a company's ratings with the American Moving & Storage Association and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Ask for references and talk to those references.

What to look for in an estimate

At Moishe’s Moving Systems, we give you a comprehensive estimate on the cost of your move. For example, things like labor charges, tagging of items before the move, trucks, packing materials, travel time, and valuation coverage/insurance should all be included in your estimate. Make sure you agree with everything in the written estimate before you sign the moving contract.

  •  Don't just jump at the lowest price! You need to investigate the estimate to find out if it's realistic. As they say, if it sounds too good to be, it probably is!
  •  Get at least three estimates. This will allow you to make a fair, objective comparison.
  • Compare apples to apples. Break down the elements of each mover's estimate and make a detailed, realistic comparison of the parts, as well as the whole.
  • Expect estimates to fall within a reasonable range of each other. A good estimate should be no higher – or lower – than 10 percent of the final cost of the move.

Getting an estimate from Moishe’s!

Moishe’s offers you three basic methods for getting an estimate:

  • You can go directly to our Estimate Section and fill out our submission form for a rough estimate on-line.
  • You can speak with one of our estimators and get a general estimate over the phone.
  • Or you can call and set up an appointment for one of our experienced estimators to come to your home and give you a much better estimate, in writing. This is by far the best way to go – and will get you a much more accurate and detailed estimate than you can achieve by phone or online.

Our toll-free phone number is: 1.800.266.8387

It all starts with a phone call or an inquiry online. Our estimators are trained and certified. They are available 7 days a week to help you determine your needs – at no cost or obligation to you. And they will also assist you with any problems that arise before, during and after your move. You are not alone in this process. We are with you – every step of the way.

Plan your move and take inventory of your belongings

Whether you choose to pack your offices or have Moishe’s do the job for you, Moishe’s will act as an important partner in your move preparation. We will provide you with packing materials. We will provide you with labels to ensure that your items will be transferred to their correct locations.

Your new office isn’t ready for your old stuff?

Many of our commercial moving clients find that their new offices don’t quite accommodate their old furniture. They also find that their files are bulky and cumbersome. Moishe’s is in the unique position of being able to help with both situations. We have millions of square feet of storage, for both furniture and documents. We have a state-of-the-art system which allows us to provide you a password protected web based inventory. All items will be barcoded and stored in a secure, fire resistant facility. If you are looking for self-storage, we can help you with that too, with one of the cleanest, most secure self-storage facilities in the Tri-State area.

But what packing materials to use?

Don’t fret! We provide an online materials store with the best materials for keeping your valuables safe for your move. We also provide printable labels to keep all of your boxes organized and going to the right spot. Need boxes? Check out Moishe’s Box Exchange, a website offering you an easy, free way to find reusable boxes (or donate boxes after your move) in your area.