Moishe’s — The Office Relocation Experts

Moishe’s isn't exactly the shock jock of New York Citys office relocation industry even though we DID move Howard Stern into his new digs for Sirius Satellite Radio  but we've certainly shocked our competitors.

Thats because no other NYC office relocation moving business can offer our unique combination of old-fashioned, quality customer service and top-rated, cutting-edge technology. In its article on NYC movers, New York Magazine wrote, There are plenty of solid local outfits, but our favorite is Moishes Moving Systems. and City Search have rated Moishes one of best NYC mover.

We offer our commercial clients comprehensive, top-quality solutions to their moving and storage needs. If you're planning an office relocation, consider that Howard Stern reportedly signed a $500 million contract with Sirius radio, could afford any office relocation moving business he wanted  and he called Moishe’s Moving Systems.

If you need to make an office move, no matter how large or small, why not let the Best of the Best of New York City movers take care of it? Contact our office to speak with one of our experienced, certified estimators today. Set an appointment  at no cost or obligation  and put the vastly experienced commercial moving experts from Moishes to work for you.

To help you consider all of the important elements in an office relocation, we offer the following advice:

Moishes offers three methods for getting a moving business estimate:

  1. Go to our Estimate Section and fill out a submission form for a rough estimate online
  2. Speak with one of our estimators to get a general estimate over the phone
  3. Call 800-266-8387 and set up an appointment for one of our experienced estimators to come to your office and give you a more detailed estimate in writing. This will be much more accurate than you can achieve by phone or online. Our New York City moving estimators are trained, certified and available seven days a week to assist you.

In the office relocation and moving business, you'll find two types of estimates:

  1. Non-binding  Your final price will be based on the actual amount of hours and materials used on the job
  2. Binding  Price won't exceed the amount quoted.

A non-binding estimate is beneficial if:

  1. Youre not exactly sure of all the items youre moving
  2. You’re not sure if you'll be ready and might require additional packing help
  3. Your move will involve unusual details, multiple deliveries, or the handling of sensitive equipment, fine art or antiques that you dont want to rush
  4. An elevator won't be available for exclusive use during the move
  5. Construction or other impediments may slow the move progress

A binding estimate is preferable if you want to guarantee your budget, or if you haven't moved often and arent familiar with the moving process. With Moishes, all our binding estimates are computer-generated using a proprietary software program, so the price you see  is the price you get. What youre quoted is what you pay, period. Three requirements must be met in order to receive a binding estimate

  1. A detailed inventory in writing must be agreed upon by the client and the mover
  2. Elevators must be available for our exclusive use
  3. Packing, tagging, assembly, disassembly and any other service required must be agreed upon and included in the written agreement