Business & Commercial Relocation Packing

We understand that “moving” your business is not “your business”. That’s what we are here for. Our experienced and skilled moving professionals specialize in performing successful, “painless” relocations for businesses – of all kinds – every day. We know what is involved. We have the tools, the materials, the vehicles, the technology – and the realistic tips and tricks that can only come from experience. We can apply all of those skills to your move, from start to successful finish.


Commercial Planning Services – First Steps

Moishe's is committed to presenting each client with a complete, realistic picture of the relocation process, then applying our professional expertise and competitive pricing to deliver a successful move. We have developed the highest standards of excellence in our over 12 years of relocating corporations; and we have established a move management process which enables us to provide you, our client, with the finest service available.

First, our staff of estimators comes to your site to survey your facilities and assess your needs. During this process, we make a realistic determination of the manpower required and the type and amount of equipment and materials needed. All of this is based on the logistics of the move, with relation to elevators and street access. We also check with building management to ensure that our certificates of insurance are on file and that there will be no other major deliveries occurring simultaneously with your move. At this point, we will inform you of your responsibilities and the steps that your employees may need to take to facilitate the relocation. Following this survey, one of our company foremen will be sent to your office to color-code the entire project.

Approximately Two Weeks Prior to the Move

We ask our clients to make two sets of finished floor plans available to our staff at Moishe's. Upon receipt of these plans, we will institute a coloring and numbering system, specific to your project. We will color-code the floor plans, identifying all furniture and equipment. This color-coding system affords a swift, accurate movement of all office effects, including furniture, objects and materials. This facilitates a streamlined method of placing the effects at the final destination.

Approximately One Week Prior to the Move

We will accomplish the labeling of all furniture and equipment. Pressure sensitive tags, bearing the exact location of each piece will be applied to each article of furniture and equipment. This will make it easy to set all pieces into place at your new building. All furniture to be left behind will be marked with special "DO NOT MOVE" tags. Similarly, placards will be placed in front of each office, indicating its appropriate code number, letter, and color.

At this time, we suggest that you institute an immediate cleanup policy at your company. Any unwanted paper or material should be disposed of. This will serve to reduce the number of loads to be moved and therefore reduce the eventual cost of the move. Upon request, trash containers will be delivered to your premises.

Moishe’s will supply each of your employees with a Moving Instruction Sheet (sample below). The procedures outlined on this sheet will help your staff to prepare their personal effects for correct placement in the new premises.

In advance of the actual transfer and subject to your requirements, we will deliver all of the necessary containers and packing materials to all departments.

Moishe's is available to perform all or part of your packing. It’s up to you. We can pack both typical office supplies and sensitive articles such as computer hardware and copy machines. In addition, Moishe's packers are available to dismantle and reassemble work stations, including partitions, shelving and some furniture.

Several Days Prior to the Move

The space at your new location will be properly marked with directional signs and placards to expedite the placing of all furniture and equipment upon arrival. We will place spot indicators on the floor showing the location and code number of each article of furniture.

On Moving Day

Precautionary measures will be put into effect to safeguard all entrances, exits, and corridors in a proper manner at both locations. Moishe's will place clean masonite over all carpeted areas, hallways, and/or doors at your new location in advance of the move. This will provide complete protection against any possible damage during the move.
Packing Instructions for Employees

  • Desks:
    • Remove all fragile items
    • Place all pens, pencils, paperclips, and other items stored in your desk drawers in sealed envelopes and replace them inside your desk drawer.
    • Remove all personal valuables prior to the move.
    • Pack contents of your desk in containers supplied by the mover.
  •  Lateral files:
    • Two and three-drawer laterals - can be moved with contents intact.
    • Four-drawer laterals - empty the top drawer.
    • Five-drawer laterals - empty the top two drawers.   
  • Vertical files:
    • Moved with contents intact. If you have keys, lock the drawers and keep the keys with you. 
  • Credenzas, bookcases and stationary cabinets:
    • Must be emptied completely and all contents must be packed.
  • Word processing equipment and computers:
    • Should be disconnected by a qualified individual prior to removal.
  • Copy machines:
    • Should be prepared for moving by the manufacturer or manufacturer's representative prior to the move.
  • Typewriters:
    • Should be unbolted and left on the desk.
  • Map or plan files:
    • All drawings should be secured inside the drawers.
  • Small plants:
    • Should be transported by the owner. Large plants will be handled by the mover at the owner's risk.
  • Small pictures:
    • Should be wrapped and placed in a carton, marked “fragile”. Large pictures, maps, and wall boards will be handled by the mover.
  • Labels:
    • Labels placed on furniture by the mover must not be removed or changed. If you have any questions, please ask the mover. Additional labels will be supplied to you for placement on cartons.