Five Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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Five Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving is hectic and often back breaking—between all the prep work and packing and the heavy lifting, most people find relocating nothing short of stressful. In the midst of all its craziness, there are some common mistakes we all make. Here are five to look out for and avoid during your relocation process:

Hiring Unprofessional Movers

The whole point of hiring professionals is to avoid a lot of the stress and strain of moving. Employing the help of those who are not pros in the business often leaves people with more stress than if they hadn’t hired anyone. The horror stories range from being ripped off to having items damaged or stolen. Save yourself trouble and find a reliable company to entrust with your belongings.

Not Being Fully Packed on Moving Day

Begin packing several weeks prior to moving day. The last thing you need when the moving truck is out front is to be shoving items into boxes or plastic bags.  Having everything already boxed up saves you time and money and more importantly will ensure everything is protected from potential damage.

Forgetting About Utilities

Make sure you have your utilities turned on in the new place. When you are tired and have finally arrived into your home, you’ll want electricity, gas and other services ready. You can have everything transferred if you call the companies ahead of time.
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Handing Over Valuables to Movers

No matter how trusted your movers are, it’s best to transport jewelry, money and anything else deemed valuable yourself.  It’ll give you peace of mind and ensure your items arrive safely.

Not Having a Moving Day Kit

It might take days, even weeks, to get to all your boxes. So pack a bag, or box, with the items you’ll need on moving day.  This includes, toiletries, sheets, a change of clothing, medications, snacks, pet and children supplies, cash and a toolbox.
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