Five Reasons to Move in the Fall

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Five Reasons to Move in the Fall

Fall is around the corner and although it might seem counterintuitive, it’s one of our favorite seasons to move. Here are five reasons we think you might like scheduling your move for autumn:


Similar to spring, fall is undoubtedly one of New York City’s best seasons. Temperatures are mild, there aren’t a lot of rainy days to speak of and it’s just all around pleasant. Schedule a move then and you likely don’t have to worry about sweating or having to struggle with heavy or cumbersome outerwear.

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Less Demand

With many families already moved before the school year, there are less people relocating in the fall. This means you’ll have better luck booking movers and trucks and taking your pick of the best in the business.

It’s Pretty

If you’re moving within the northeast, you’ll likely pass by a kaleidoscope of colors while the leaves and scenery change. It’s a trip you probably didn’t think you wanted but will likely enjoy.

nyc fall foliage

Save Money on Utilities

After shelling out dough for the move, it’s nice to be able to bank a bit of cash. Fall will allow you to do that since you’ll likely not need to use your air conditioning or heat and enjoy what New Yorkers love about the season—that breeze.

Enjoy Activities

From Oktoberfest to the start of the art season, it’s almost like the city is back in full swing after the lull of late summer. Enjoy your new surroundings and discover what’s popping up in your neighborhood for the season.  

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