Six Reasons Moving to New York in Autumn is Awesome

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Six Reasons Moving to New York in Autumn is Awesome

Moving is not usually fun: It often involves lots of pre planning, the relocation itself and unpacking. Then comes the fun part, being in a new place, experiencing fresh environs and hopefully starting friendships. We can’t think of a better place to do that in than New York and fall is a beautiful time to be here, partly because the city’s inhabitants are back from their vacation and things are buzzing with fresh activity. Here are six reasons we think fall is a good time to be a green New Yorker:   


The northeast has finicky weather so we never take for granted low humidity, moderate temperatures and abundant sunshine. And you shouldn’t either. Enjoy perhaps our best season (though some will argue that would be spring) and explore the city on foot, taking in all that you can before you’re confined to the indoors in a few months.

Theatre, Shows, Music

Fall is the official start of all things performance. Though there are still plenty of shows to see in the summer, concert, plays, musicals and dance performances really start back up in September and October. It’s a great time to browse various venue calendars and pick a few shows to attend.

nyc dancers


Autumn doesn’t scream beach, but in September and October the ocean is probably at its warmest, making for a good time to take a dip. Also, with kids back in school the beaches will be empty. Oh and the ones that charge, like Long Beach, will be free. See? It’s beach time in New York City.


If you’re a gallery goer, you’re in luck. Fall is when many galleries open after a summer hiatus and there will be good art, and arty folks, to be seen. Head on over to Chelsea or the Lower East Side and feast your eyes.

nyc art gallery


If the baseball, basketball or football, are your cup of tea, check out the various venues like Citi Field, Madison Square Garden and Barclay Center to see who’s playing where and how you can get in to watch a game.


You’ve seen them on television. Now it’s time to experience the Halloween and Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in person. Yes, they are chaotic but are fun and you can tell your friends back home you went to them.

thanksgiving day parade

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