Happy Holidays, New York City!

Wow. What a year it has been. And as I sit at my desk, the sun going down (mind you, it’s 3:49pm now,) I’m thinking about all the great friends Moishe’s have made over the past year.

We’ve moved countless people, and have even had people live-tweet their moves. We created an awesomely HUGE castle out of boxes for kids to run around in and color with chalk at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Recently, I even started helping my Reddit friends from /r/nyc to move.

I know moving sucks for you. Moving is always stressful. Our job is to be there for you during that stressful time and take care of as much as possible so you can feel as little stress as possible. And I really hope we do that.

As the Community Manager here at Moishe’s Moving, I just wanted to say that we enjoy every single move with our customers in this great city, and can’t wait for whatever 2011 has in store.

Happy Holidays!

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2 Responses to Happy Holidays, New York City!

  1. Carley says:

    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inrcedlbie!

  2. Idalee says:

    This forum neeedd shaking up and you?ve just done that. Great post!

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